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This blog is a micro log of the macro changes happening around the world of technology. Technologies, that touch human lives, Technologies, that can make the difference to the world. This will also be a place for the developers who are contributors and committed to make things happen better …

About me .. My friends know me by name ‘Sidharth k Dhanda’, its bit lengthy so choose nickname for the ‘generation tech’ – deCode10. A tech enthusiast, I wrote my first code in COBOL in 1994, thoroughly enjoyed putting together pieces of code and making things work on its own, since then have seen many transitions in the rapidly changing computing world. I am currently leading a technology team at one of the leading companies in India. In past few years I have run my own tech business and have helped setup many companies build their technology teams and processes. I’ve handled complex and larger web based projects for some leading brand names in the country/abroad, some names include, Airtel, MakeMyTrip, Reuters, BCG, Tata, and PepsiCo.

Why name ‘deCode10’?

‘1’ and ‘0’ is the very basis of the existence of our computing world, at least so far, (there are other methods, octal etc.), so deCode10 include both the numbers i.e., ‘1’  & ‘0’.

10 also is considered as the number of perfection, i.e., if you have to rate something (such as a beauty in beauty pageant), 10 is considered to be ‘the best’ … and we humans always wants to move towards perfection, achieve the best, isn’t so? :)

So this lead us to topics like ‘making the difference to the world, the web way!‘, and ‘Hi Environment! {entreprenureship ideas on green earth}‘   .. :)


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