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Hot Searches : A list of web sites providing Hottest Trends

January 11, 2010

So what we should do to find the latest trends?

We’ve probably heard of them before, from AOL, to Digg, to Reddit, to Many More. I am keeping this post short (promise!) to spur some inquisitive bugs in you to find the latest, the quickest.

Before we start, there are two things you can think of while searching hot trends, first, search for the trends you know already, and find their weight/popularity, second is to know what you don’t know that you know, for that we browse through couple of websites, most of the sites below will assist you in both ways.

So here comes a rapid list; Alexa URL Rank Search / Compare, and Alexa Hot URL Search are from a popular service Alexa, Microsoft’s bing has bing’s celebrity xrank which gives search ranking on celebrities, Twitter Trend Search, and twitter based Trendistic gives twitter trends and graphical representation of the same, Facebook Lexicon, analyze the facebook user’s wall posts to digg current Facebook trends, and there are others from AOL to Google to Digg to Yahoo… these are AOL Hot Search, Google Hot Trends, digg trends, Yahoo Buzz Hot Trendz. Also check out Hit Wiss Data Center, which give data on general & industry specific internet usage.

That’s it for now! Since I promised to keep it short I kept it short, hope this was short but useful … :)

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