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Comprehensive List of JavaScript Libraries

January 5, 2010

Couple of years ago when Ajax made a big noise, these JavaScript libraries came into the existence, or it may be other way round, that because of these JavaScript libraries AJAX made  noise .. both are possible, but one thing is for sure that because of these libraries, we today have a massive list of useful websites & web based services which add onto the growth of our personal & entrepreneur spirits.

Though the javascript libraries have advanced to next level of graphics with HTML5/SVG coming into the picture, (covered earlier, there are new SVG / Canvas / HTML5 based graphical libraries catching up such as processing.js), but there seems plenty time for it to be a regular thing on web as they are not supported by older browsers and there is time for HTML5 to launch (not until 2012). So, compiled here a list of our must check JavaScript libraries which have been in trend from quite some time for a ready reference.

To start with, I became a huge fan of ptototype.js couple of years ago when I first checked it out (perhaps 2007), why I love it is because I am a coder, parallel framework was, it looked good too. Lately, Yahoo UI also has created lots of buzz.

But those extensively working with frontend development and are looking to add just the appealing frontend techniques do not have to code much, they can look for mootools & jquery, which are highly popular for their library of frontend widgets.

Dojo Tool Kit, offers both, coding level libraries and ready to use widgets.

In the similar genre, check out light weight AJS built on mochikit,

There something recently has caught my attention and that is OAT Framework, it has nice Tabular Grids / Pivot Table / Tree Control / Timeline / SVG Based RDF Graph, to such extent that I am fully impressed being a database guy.

Qooxdoo has some nice ready to use examples including twitter and HTML Editor.

If you are building complex dashboard like applications, recommend you check out extjs (paid).

Rico, has nice weather widget which you may want to check it out.

cross-browser has some nice cross browser animation examples, for more visual effects check out, MooFX, Bytefx, Prototype Windows, Lightbox, Lytebox, Leightbox, GreyBox, Behaviour, Curvy Corners, Nifty Corners, jsScrolling

For graph charts etc., recommend you to check out google graphs, Plotkit, Plotr, EJSChart, TimePlot, Ajax-MGraph

There are plenty other in the list, most of them are pretty much the same … These are picked up from JavaScript libraries, seems like a good referral point for JavaScript enthusiasts.

These are the frameworks which built for comprehensive AJAX developments from scratch Bajax, SACK, Plex, Taconite, Sajax, jx, libXmlRequest, Spry (Adobe),  fork (for ruby on rails)

For your cryptography / mathematical requirements, look for Sylvester, JavaScrypt, MD5, RSA

Also check out some other tools for your development / optimization, JSlibs, DOJO shrinksafe – compression, JSmin – compression, JS flash version detector, Open JSAN, MiniAJAX, Google trends of the major players, Smooth Gallery, Slideshow, Flickrshow

Some tools for specific requirements XML.ObjTree XML parser, jsvalidate, Form validation, Store json data in cookies, Livepipe Tabs, BSN AutoSuggest, BarelyFitz Tabs, overLIB Tooltips, Kryogenix Sortable tables, FD Sortable tables, JDV Sortable tables, TableKit

Hope this will help us build the next generation apps for the generation now and generation ahead!

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  1. January 8, 2010 9:23 am

    Excellent article for web developers!

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